Miss Zee & Redticx eat Dr. Sketchy’s brains


(from May 2010)

Dr. Sketchy’s went fantastic on Friday! Though we had some back/ab/feet pains the next day, we loved every moment of the experience. The wine flowed freely amongst the artists making for lots of giggles throughout the night. Cassandra and I flawlessly adapted our pre-planned poses to make them more comfortable as we settled into them but still kept them just as fun. Looking at some of the photos, I’m not sure how I held these for 3-10 minutes, but am even more impressed with Cassandra’s pose-holding abilities!

We had three sets to work with, and for each one I chose a different “Zombie Gaga” style. We also had to come up with music, and since we got such positive feedback over our playlists I shared them here via Grooveshark for you!

Set 1: Dance in the Dark

Click for Playlist

Wardrobe inspiration: “Just Dance”

In practice:

Set 2: Monster

 Click for Playlist

Wardrobe inspiration: “Lovegame”

In practice:

Set 3: Fame Monster

  Click for Playlist

Wardrobe inspiration: “Bad Romance”

In practice:

Yes, I even managed to put together the ring outfit! Loralee had it there as a decoration, and it fit perfectly!

The crowd was small but was filled with such talented people. These sketches are kind of biased towards one artist (if I was posting more it would be more evenly distributed) but everyone did such cool things in the short time frames they were given.

I feel extremely honored to have been a part of the last Dr. Sketchy’s that will take place at Henotic. Henotic was a beautiful place that was very important to me and I will miss it dearly. Thank you to Jason for supporting the arts for so long in Lethbridge!

-Miss Zee