Katana the Viking (Kung Fury Cosplay)


Cam and I did a Kung Fury cosplay this year at the Calgary Entertainment Expo, and I went as Katana from the Viking Age. This was my first time building a costume this detailed from the ground up and took a lot of work (especially since I only know how to sew by hand… though working on that fur in a sewing machine would have been a whole other challenge). As itchy as the fur was, I loved how it turned out and to this day nothing has fallen apart on it (not even laser raptors could harm it) 🙂

Photography: Cameron Aldous

Costume/Editing: myself

p.s. If you haven’t seen Kung Fury, you definitely need to see this ridiculous masterpiece of intentionally bad movie making!

Last but not least, we must defeat the Kung Fuhrer!