Marceline (Adventure Time Cosplay)


Marceline Adventure Time Cosplay

It’s Adventure Time cosplay number three! After recreating Fiona and Princess Bubblegum last year, Marceline was the next on my radar. She was by far the easiest of the three since I already dress like her and only had to pick up a few accessories. One key feature of Marceline[…]

The Mime


One of my personal goals is to reuse every dance costume I have in a themed photoshoot, and my street jazz costume this year was a perfect fit for mime once a few accessories were added! Photos were taken by Cameron Aldous and the awesome makeup was done by Katt[…]

May Collaboration


RJQ Photography

The May Lethbridge Collaborations event may be my favorite one yet! The event worked around the themes of dark alternative, outlaw, and warrior with photoshoots rotating all day in Magrath. It gave everyone a chance to work with a bunch of new people and choose a variety of themes. I[…]

An Explosion of World Dance & Music 2015


We had another amazing two night performance of An Explosion of World Dance and Music this March at the Yates Memorial Centre, and I was crazy and did 5 pieces again! All photos were taken by Cameron Aldous. From our posed photos before the show: Broadway Tango Bellydance Street Jazz[…]

Adam & Eve [Vampire Photos inspired by Only Lovers Left Alive]


Adam and Eve, Only Lovers Left Alive vampire inspired photos

I planned a bohemian music themed photoshoot and after seeing Only Lovers Left Alive, added some pointy teeth to the mix! I loved both Adam and Eve in the movie and wanted to channel each of their personalities while making their interests of books and music blend together. Photographer: Photography[…]