Katana the Viking (Kung Fury Cosplay)


Cam and I did a Kung Fury cosplay this year at the Calgary Entertainment Expo, and I went as Katana from the Viking Age. This was my first time building a costume this detailed from the ground up and took a lot of work (especially since I only know how[…]

Marceline (Adventure Time Cosplay)


Marceline Adventure Time Cosplay

It’s Adventure Time cosplay number three! After recreating Fiona and Princess Bubblegum last year, Marceline was the next on my radar. She was by far the easiest of the three since I already dress like her and only had to pick up a few accessories. One key feature of Marceline[…]

Princess Bubblegum Adventure Time Cosplay


Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum cosplay Lethbridge

Princess Bubblegum is one of my favorite characters on Adventure Time. She keeps things in order, tries to help her people (most of the time), doesn’t believe in woo, and is super intelligent. Science is always the answer! I love the dimension they give her on the show, going so[…]