An Explosion of World Dance & Music 2015


We had another amazing two night performance of An Explosion of World Dance and Music this March at the Yates Memorial Centre, and I was crazy and did 5 pieces again! All photos were taken by Cameron Aldous. From our posed photos before the show: Broadway Tango Bellydance Street Jazz[…]

Photoshoot with Lorelei Hoffarth


I’ve known Lorelei as a photographer for many years, but this was my first time being photographed by her. She is phenomenal at what she does and it was an honor to do these photos. I am beyond thrilled with how they turned out. We made use of a few[…]

An Explosion of World Dance & Music 2014



This post is long past overdue! We had our huge show over two days (three if you count the dress rehearsal) this past March. This year I took part in a whopping five pieces: jive, Bhangra, street jazz, Bollywood, flamenco, and a bellydance solo. Here are some of my favorite[…]

Tipsy Gypsy, Behind the Scenes


A looooooong time ago, I was introduced to a Calgary band called the Plaid Tongued Devils, who were an interesting mix of punk, rock, gypsy, Klezmer, and ska. I WAS IN LOVE. I have used their music numerous times for bellydance solos, and never miss them when they play here.[…]