Vintage Hollywood Portraits


I had just the right dress and was feeling some California Dreaming, so I got together with Lorelei Hoffarth and Katt Panic because I knew they’d be the experts to pull off what I had in mind! Our collaboration came together perfectly for a vintage Hollywood film noir look at[…]

Katana the Viking (Kung Fury Cosplay)


Cam and I did a Kung Fury cosplay this year at the Calgary Entertainment Expo, and I went as Katana from the Viking Age. This was my first time building a costume this detailed from the ground up and took a lot of work (especially since I only know how[…]

Defending Our Forests


Defending Our Forests by Lorelei Hoffarth

This winter I took part in a collaborative competition between local photographers, models, and makeup artists based around winter landscapes in Alberta. The weather was not on our side and we had one of the warmest, driest winters, making the theme a little tough! Lorelei had wanted to do something[…]

Vampire in the Cape


This was definitely my year of vampire concept shoots and this was the last I had to get out my system. The photos were based around making use of my large cape and incorporating it into a levitation photo. The sunlight and autumn colors were amazing that night so we[…]